Domain Name Business (DNB) is a registered company in Hong Kong and founded in 2003

Hong Kong is a financial and IT hub and fast becoming prominent in its commerce, finance and IT technology. Today with its advance infrastructure IT technology ,it has also become a centre for cutting edge information and computer technology.

Domain Name Business (DNB) is a concept to help people grow and learn more about the success and experience of people who have made it big in the IT industry, and now primarily on the selling, purchasing and trading of Top level Domain Names on the Internet . Millions of dollars has been made with the transactions of the right domain names. USD $35.6 million was paid for in 2010.(source Wikipedia)

DNB is expected to attract tremendous growth in the Asian region including that of Japan and Korea where information travels fast. DNB aspires to be a one stop domain hub for selling, buying and trading of domains with ease and peace of mind.

This is definitively a clear advantage that at this age and time, the internet and the speed of information can vary the course of your fortune. We are at a breakthrough phase in Internet Marketing, let us help you change your life around and experience the wealth based on what knowledge in technology can provide.

Information is absolute and we offer solutions to those inexperienced in this business, especially to those who may not have enough time to engage.

We assure you that you do not need much time, effort and capital to enjoy the leverage advantage of our unique Internet Marketing system.

We are happy to announce that we will be operating our business in Hong Kong and with the power of the internet will soon make this e-commerce available to every corner of the world.